5 Must have Google Chrome Apps/Extensions.

Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world. Most probably you might be reading this article on chrome.Web store is the major part of Chrome experience.

With Google making select Android apps available on web store there are endless things we can do on chrome browser. We take a look at the Apps/Extension that enhance tour experience on the Web.

Here are the 5 Chrome Apps/Extensions you must have.

5. Ears: Bass Boost, EQ Any Audio!


EQ Equaliser

If you are an audiophile that this is just what you want. Ears is an equalizer extension that sits in the extension menu in your chrome browser. Whether you are listening to music on youtube, sound cloud, listening to your favorite Podcast or watching a movie on Netflix. you can tweak

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Whether you are listening to music on youtube, sound cloud, listening to your favorite Podcast or watching a movie on Netflix. you can make it sound just as you like, tweak the levels, used the available presets or make your own and save them.

4. Grammarly for Chrome.



Grammarly is a free writing App. It helps you write without any mistakes with features like Contextual spelling Checker and Grammar checker which helps you fix Spellings and grammar mistakes like articles use, sub-verb agreement etc.

This is a must app if you are a blogger or if you write official emails regularly. You don’t want your blog / Email to have errors.

3. Time is Money.

Time is Money

This app literally saves you Time and Money. Do you have a Girlfriend/Wife who is a shopaholic? or do you buy things and regret later?.

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It’s time to put an end to all this, you just have to install this App and enter the amount of money you earn per hour and save it. When every you are about to buy a product this App shows you the number of hours you have to work to get that product.

That’s scary right. well if you cant make them stop, why don’t you show them the reality. I came across this app on Reddit and I use it every day.

2. NewsBot – Give me 5.



Reading a great article? Quickly find more like it. Powered by machine learning. NewsBot is an extension for those who love to read.

You just have to select the text in the article and send it to NewsBot and it will find the articles similar to the one you are reading. you can share the articles and create your RSS feed to integrate into your App or Website.

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1. TamperMonkey.




Tampermonkey is a user script manager which helps you to add your own scripts or extensions which are not allowed by chrome.

you can install youtube download button or anti-Adblock popups you see on the website. This is a must have Extension if you want to have more control of your browser. with features like easy to install and easy to disable this is one of the best script manager available on Google Chrome.

We hope that you take full advantage of these Google Chrome Apps/Extensions. Thank Us Later. 😛