7 Earth size planets discovered outside our solar system by NASA.

Nasa Exoplanet

NASA on Wednesday has announced the discovery of 7 Earth-size outside Our solar system in a live event. These 7 exoplanets revolve around the Trappist-1 dwarf Star, among those 3 of them might be habitable and can possibly have oceans in them.


Trappist-1e receives as much light as earth does and has the same size as earth.The second is the Trappist-1f which is the water-rich planet with similar size as the earth and receives the same light as the planet mars from its sun.Trappist-1g is the largest planet with 13% larger radius than earth.

Hubble space telescope

The Scientists from Nasa say that there is a chance of More potential life bearing system out there, More telescopes are being placed by astronauts to further study the dwarf stars. Nasa is using Hubble space telescope to further study these likely inhabitable planets.

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James Webb Space telescope

In the future, NASA plans to use James Webb Telescope to study these planets for Greenhouse gasses, Atmosphere for Gases like oxygen and Water bodies.

With the available technology, it will take us 39 years traveling at Lightspeed to reach these planets. So Man won’t be visiting these planets in near future.

This may be the indication that we are getting closer to answer the question are we alone in the universe.