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7 Memes that show Nokia 3310 is truly indestructible.

We all know that Nokia is the OG* in making phones. Particularly Nokia 3310 has been the favorite for all the netizens because of its Hulk-like strength. Nokia is now planning to relaunch Nokia “The indestructible” 3310 again at Mobile world congress 2017.

Here are 7 memes which show why this phone is Iconic:

1. Handle with care.



2. What good is thor’s hammer when you have this.



3. Take notes Apple.



4. why wouldn’t they, it is the greatest weapon.



5. To quote Joker “when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object”.



6. You don’t want to mess with them.



7. Make sure you have Medical Insurance.



I for one am going to buy this phones. who knows when you might need a weapon. 😛

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