Act Fibernet launches its 1Gbps internet services in India and How to Get it.

Act Fibernet 1gbps Internet service

We all can agree that Slow Internet is the worst. Well, there is an end to all our suffering as ACT Fibernet Launches its 1Gbps internet service in Hyderabad making it the first Indian city with Gigabit connection. And will soon launch in 10 more cities where its services are available.

Act fibernet 1Gbps Internet service speed

As of now, the 1 Gbps internet service is only available in Hyderabad city with a premium price tag of ₹5999/month and 1 TB FUP limit. Act Fibernet uses its existing fiber network to provide 1 Gbps broadband speed. Act corp is the biggest non-telecom ISP.

The service was launched on Thursday, March 30 By Telangana’s IT minister K. Taraka Rama Rao. Speaking to the media  Mr. Taraka Rama Rao said, ” 1Gbps internet speed offered by ACT in Hyderabad would help fulfill his vision of making Telangana a tech and digitally advanced hub.”

Now India joins the likes of Hong kong, Romania, South Korea, Japan, and Netherlands etc. to be the country which provides gigabit internet service. Though Google has been providing Google fiber connections in America since 2011 it is not available throughout the country.

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Act Fibernet 1 Gbps internet service speed

How do you get this High-Speed internet?

Most of you might be thinking the same. Let me tell you how

  1. The First thing you have to do is to find out if ACT Fibernet provides Internet service in your location. you can always get that information by visiting the official website of ACT Fibernet.
  2. Make sure your devices support the high-speed 1Gbps Gigabit internet. The minimum Specifications for a Laptop/Computer to support a Gigabit internet are Intel Core i7 processor 2.5Ghz, and an 8GB RAM, with a 64-bit OS and 1 Gbps LAN/Ethernet port.
  3. You’ll also need to make sure that the type of copper cable used to connect your PC is of type CAT6 (4 pair)

How is it going to affect the users?

Quick Answer to the question would be ” It will make our lives much better”. We don’t have to wait for our videos to buffer and We certainly don’t have to wait for the download to complete before we enjoy our favorite youtube video.

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Act Fibernet 1 Gbps internet service speed

Cloud storage becomes as simple as using an external Hardrive, File sharing will be faster than ever and Internet TV might just replace your set-top box.

Content creators for the Internet can now upload their videos in no time thanks to Act Fibernet 1Gbps Internet service.

How will it affect Digital India Movement?

The Internet plays a major role in digitally evolving a country. This has been proved by the rise of internet users in India with Reliance Jio. The Average speed of internet connection in India is 2.5 Mbps and the Peak Speed is at 18.7 Mbps According to 2015 statistics by Akamai Technologies.

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That’s going to change very soon. With the 1Gbps internet Speed which is 400 times more than average internet speed in India.The CEO of Act Fibernet, Mr. Bala Malladi said “With our citizens and the government moving towards the Digital India movement, high-speed internet is the need of the hour. With the launch of our 1 Gbps broadband internet service, it gives me immense pride to turn this dream into reality”

Most startups cannot afford a private line for the internet connection. this gigabit service can serve as an alternative to that.

Apart from Act Fibernet, Reliance is also testing its Jio gigafiber but there is no information about when it launches. Airtel also recently increased its broadband speeds from a mere 16 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

What are you going to do if you get Act fibernet’s 1Gbps Gigabit internet service? Let us know in the comments below.