Facebook’s AI Assistant “M” Will reside in your Chat Window.

Facebook AI Assistant M

Facebook has announced its AI Assistant “M” For both Android and iOS users. It will be now available in its Messenger App. Facebook started testing it back in December last year for smaller test users in San Francisco and has launched it today to its users in the US. It will be launched globally over time.

Facebook AI Assistant M

Facebook’s M will suggest you things by analyzing the conversations and searching for keywords in the conversations. If you say “Happy Birthday” to your friend M will pop up and show you stickers with cake and balloons. If your friend asks you “where are you?” M will ask you if it should send your location to your friend.

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M Behaves differently for different users. It caters tailored suggestion based on particular preference or style of conversation. For example, if you are the kind of person who doesn’t use stickers and instead uses GIF’s it’ll show you GIF’s related to the Keyword.

In a Statement, Facebook’s Head of product For messenger Stan Chudnovsky said: “The personalization is based on established patterns, It’s the AI’s decision on what to serve and how.”

As of now, Facebook’s M is nowhere near as good as Google assistant in Allo but it gets the Job Done. Here are all the things It can do:

  • Sending stickers: M shares fun sticker suggestions for your daily life interactions like “Thank you” or “Bye-bye.”
  • Paying or requesting money: M recognizes when people are discussing payments and gives them the option of easily sending or requesting money.
  • Sharing your location: M can suggest an option to share your location during a conversation.
  • Making plans: If people are talking about getting together, M helps to coordinate a plan.
  • Starting a poll (in group conversations only): Have a hard time making decisions in a group? M lets you set a poll topic and vote in group conversations.
  • Getting a Ride: Talking about going somewhere? M suggests “Get A Ride” and shares an option of Lyft or Uber.
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Facebook will add more features and functionalities to its AI Assistant in future updates. Users in the US get to enjoy this feature just by updating their App while others just have to wait.

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