Google Areo: A Food Delivery and Home Services App for India.

Google Areo

Google launched Areo App Exclusively in India on April 12. Google Areo aggregates services from different providers like UrbanClap, Faasos, Box8, and other local service providers. It is a location-based Application with which you can order food, Pay bills and even get a facial at home. As of now Areo is only available in two cities Bangalore and Mumbai.

Google Areo

How to use Google Areo App:

  1. Using this application is quite simple.First, you need to download the App from Google Play.
  2. As soon as you open the app you are prompted to Login with your Google account of your choice and to provide your location. [We used the App from Bangalore].Google Areo
  3. After saving the location, it will show all the services that are available for that location and you can choose the one you want.
    Google Areo Services
  4. If you choose Food delivery, you will have the option to choose the service provider at the top and below that, you can see all the food items along with a picture, price and the delivery time. You can Add item from different providers to your order.Google Areo App
  5. You can also order services of handyman from Zimmber to fix things in your home or a beautician service from UrbanClap.
    Google Areo App
  6. After selecting the products you can either pay using your Credit card/Debit card or request for a Cash on Delivery.
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Google does a brilliant job with Areo bringing all the services required to one place eliminating the need for multiple Apps for diffent services. Though not every service provider is available as of now, Google is working to rope in every possible start-up and service provider.

Google is not charging their partners for the service as of now and categorized Areo as an experiment.  Areo is not the first App to bring multiple services to a single place. Previously, Tapzo has done it by providing over 35 services though its App.

How does it affect the competition and Start-ups:

The internet giant jumping into the same category will be difficult for Tapzo once Areo starts expanding to other parts of the country and starts to offer more services. Areo will be helpful for Start-ups that provide services for consumers as it will help them reach a broader audience on Google’s platform.

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What do you think about Google Areo? Tell us your thoughts about it in the comments Below.