Google Can Now Remove Unwanted Objects From Your Photos.

Google Photos

It is pretty evident that Google has been working on AI for some time now whether it is their AI experiments like Quickdraw and AutoDraw. This year’s Google Annual Developer Conference Google I/O 2017 was all about Artificial Intelligence. With the help of AI and Machine learning Google can remove unwanted objects from photos.

Yes, you heard that right. you don’t need to learn any complex program like PhotoShop, Google will do it itself.

According to Sundar Pichai, CEO Google “Google’s computers for image recognition better than humans”. They also demonstrated using a picture of a Kid behind a Chainmail fence playing baseball. Them the fence is removed from the foreground of the photo without adding any noise.

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It intelligently fills the areas by understanding the surrounds of the picture after it does remove unwanted object from the photo. Although you can do it in many programs but that are not for consumers. Google’s solution is consumer friendly and easy to use.

Google IO Deep Learning Remove Unwanted Objects from Photos

As of now, there is no information about when this feature is going to roll out but we expect it to make it into Photos App along with many other newly released features like Suggested Sharing, Photo Book, and Shared Libraries.

Many new Updates and features were introduced to Google Home and Google Assistant. Google Lens and a standalone VR Headset were also announced. Although There was not a single word about the next Pixel devices, Android O got a bunch of cool new features.

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There are many companies that are dwelling into Artificial intelligence and machine learning but Google has a Huge advantage over them, Thanks to their vast resources from Google search, Chrome browser, Youtube, and many more.

Are you excited to get your hands on it? We can’t wait to try it. what do you think about it? Let Us Know.