Gordon Ramsay Masterclass Leaked on YouTube.

Gordan Ramsay Masterclass leaked on YouTube

For those who don’t know, Masterclass is a San Francisco-based online education platform where most talented professionals teach classes in their respective field. People Like HansZimmer, Deadmau5 and Kevin Spacy are some among these talented professionals. It costs $90 to take a class with Lifetime access.

Masterclass 2

Gordon Ramsay, the word renowned Hot headed celebrity chef is also among the talented professionals. He teaches the fine art of cooking. The course consists of 20 classes and all of them have been uploaded to Youtube on Sunday, May 14 along with Gordon Ramsay Masterclass Workbook’s PDF.

Gordon Ramsay Masterclass 1

Gordon Ramsay Masterclass videos have been watched by thousands of people just within Hours of being uploaded. The videos show Gordon teaching everything from how to sharpen your knife to making a beef wellington.

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This is not the first time Copyrighted content has been uploaded to YouTube, Lot of movies and Tv shows are uploaded regularly but YouTube removes them as it is illegal as per their content policy. But it requires someone to report the video. Until YouTube takes the video down, most of the damage will be already done as there are numerous ways to download videos from youtube. Although YouTube doesn’t allow its user to download Videos.

Nothing is really Safe in the Age of Internet. Piracy has been the biggest problem for the Hollywood for years now. Back in 2015, Days before the Academy Awards 40 Unreleased Movies were leaked online. And there are numerous occasions where piracy has made studios and companies lose millions of dollars. Chloë Moretz the star of the movie Kickass said Piracy is the reason why kickass 3 was not made.

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You have got to feel sorry for the people at Masterclass and for those who paid for the course. It is highly likely that most of the courses offered on masterclass will be leaked on the Internet.