Microsoft Announces Windows 10 S to Take on Google’s Chrome OS

Windows 10 S

Microsoft announced Windows 10 S in an Event in Newyork. It is Microsoft’s direct answer to Google’s Chrome OS.It is mainly targeted at Students of all ages. For the past 5 years, Google’s Chrome Os has been slowly capturing the Classroom market and pushed the market leader Apple to the second place. Now Microsoft is hoping to capture it with Windows 10 S.

Windows Vs chrome

The ‘S’ in Windows 10 S stands for “streamlined, significant performance, and security”.This New OS is not for the existing laptops but it is intended for the new cheap Laptops and Tablets from PC manufacturers. Windows 10 S also supports all the peripherals that are supported by Windows 10.

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There are a lot of similarities between Chrome OS and Windows 10 S. It is a lightweight OS with fast boot time and offers long battery life. Microsoft Windows 10 S will offer security by taking away the ability to install the programs from the sources of our choice. Instead, you are stuck with Windows store. That means there is no Chrome browser or Firefox because Google and Mozilla don’t have apps on windows store.

Windows 10 S Office 365


Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Executive Vice President said there will be a full version of Microsoft Office available soon on the store. Restricting the apps to just windows store also helps in managing background apps and also reduces the risk of a virus affecting your PC.

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Devices running the New version of Windows 10 will start shipping later this year and will be available start at just $189. Users will also get a free subscription of Minecraft: Educational Edition.

There is a Neat trick that Windows 10 S hides up it sleeves that will make it stand out from Chrome OS. If you are not satisfied with OS and want to install 3rd party apps from sources of your choice and take control of the device then you can pay a small fee to upgrade to Windows 10 pro. The trade off’s would be Battery Life and Performance.