Sony Alpha a9 : “the most technologically advanced, innovative digital camera that ever created”

Sony a9

Did you ever think that you missed a perfect shot because your camera was not fast enough? Well, Sony’s mirrorless camera Sony Alpha A9 is here to solve that problem. This latest offering from sony can shoot at an Insane 20fps with no blackout.

Sony Alpha a9

For the people who don’t know what a blackout is, it is usually caused by the movement of the Mechanical shutter. In Sony Alpha a9 there is no mechanical shutter but instead, uses an Electronic shutter. A High-end DSLR is capable of taking 14fps whereas the Alpha a9 with the help of Electronic shutter is capable of taking 20fps with no blackout and no Distortion.

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These high shooting speeds are achieved thanks to the new 35mm full frame stacked CMOS sensor at the core. The integral memory is stacked between the pixel area and the image processing engine. This helps in the 20X faster data readouts.

Stacked CMOS Sensor Sony Alpha a9

Sony Alpha a9 has high-speed tracking with 60 AF/AE calculations per second, a 693-point AF system with 93% frame coverage, a 3,686k-dot EVF that runs at 120fps, and 5-axis in-body stabilization.

When it comes to the video, the Sony Alpha a9 can shoot a full-frame, full sensor 4k video. The camera also comes with 2 slots to hold the SD cards. and an ethernet port for faster data transfer. Along with all the regular Buttons, Controls and Ports (HDMI, Multi, etc.), The screen at the back is a 1440p LCD Touch Display.

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Sony Alpha a9Even in the battery department, Sony Alpha a9 doesn’t compromise as it shoots 480 shots per charge. You can also add 2 more battery packs to the camera with the help of optional battery grip which makes the camera bulky.

The Sony Alpha a9 is groundbreaking innovation combined with beautiful design. Sony took a giant leap ahead of its competition. Whether you are a serious photographer or a filmmaker, Sony a9 Serves the purpose brilliantly.

Although at a price of $4,500, This is not for everyone. If you are an amateur or Just a hobbyist then I suggest you should probably go for something cheap. Sony Alpha a9 will be available in May and is available for pre-orders.

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