Twitter launches Twitter Lite for Slower Connections.

Twitter Twitter Lite

Not everyone in the world can afford a Lightning Fast 4G LTE connection. Even if we can, We reach the FUP limit within a day or two with all the unwanted auto media playbacks in the apps like Twitter and Facebook. Twitter today announced Twitter Lite for slower connections.


Unlike Facebook Lite, YouTube Go and Skype Lite Twitter Lite is not an App you can Download but Instead can be accessed through your mobile browser.

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All you have to do is visit from your browser to access it. Twitter Lite brings many features to provide stable performance for slow Data connections. It is less than 1 MB in size so load times are not a problem and works fine on older devices too.

Apart from that now you can choose to Enable Data Saver mode which will blur the media until you tap on them to load.Twitter claims that Data saver can save up to 70 % of Data usage.

You can also get Notification like you get on the regular app. All you have to do is add the webpage to your home screen as a shortcut. Now you can continue reading the tweets offline that are already loaded even if you lose the connection temporarily.

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According to 2016 Statistics by Statista, India has the second most number of Twitter users. People use it for all sort of things like keeping up with the latest developments in news and follow their favorite celebrities.

Twitter Twitter Lite

Most companies are now releasing LITE versions of their apps. Facebook did it a while back with Facebook Lite, YouTube launched Youtube Go and recently Skype launched Skype Lite.

Twitter launching Twitter Lite is to ensure everyone who wants to stay connected even if they don’t have the strongest and the fastest of the connection or Have a latest fast mobile phone.

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