Youtube Go, FB Lite, Google’s Privacy policy and FB weather forecast -Daily Tech Dose (10 feb).


1. Youtube Go now Available in Play store via Early Access.


Youtube announced youtube go back in September 2016 and now people can download it in play store via Early Access.
This app was developed with Indian user in mind. With youtube go you don’t have to worry about the amount of data it is going to cost for a video, It is shown right after you click on the video and you can choose from standard definition or basic.

Another awesome feature of this app is It lets you share your SAVED videos with your friends. you just have to go to saved section in the app and click send, the receiver will have to click receive and the app creates a Wireless connection between the two devices like SHARE IT. Users can preview the video before they download it

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This app is also compatible with older phones as it only requires Android  4.1 and above.

2. Facebook Lite Hits 200 Million users.

Facebook Lite, This app was developed by facebook for users in developing Nations has hit 200 million users.
It is Lite app with only 1.1 MB size which provides all the basic function provided by the Facebook app. It lets users check newsfeed, Reply to messages, Check notifications and Share photos without using up huge amounts of data or Taking up large space in the RAM.

This app is ideal for users with Budget Midrange devices who doesn’t want to use up all the data on facebook.

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3. Privacy Policy for android apps


Google plans on removing all the apps which don’t have Privacy policy.Google is taking action against all the apps which access sensitive user data (e.g. camera, email, contact ) and don’t have a Privacy policy.

This action is taken to protect users from fake apps littering play store.The apps must provide all the information about what they plan to do with the collected user information in their privacy policy. Besides users can deny certain permission to any apps they choose to protect their Privacy. Google has sent a message to the developers of apps to Link their privacy policy to App’s Store listing before March 15, 2017

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4. Facebook’s In-app Weather forecast

Now you don’t have to leave facebook to know if it’s sunny outside or will it rain tomorrow. Facebook started greeting its users with a weather forecast, now it is planning on releasing a full-fledged app. It can be accessed in the hamburger menu in the FB’s android app. it will be launched across all platforms in the future.

This App forecasts weather up to 5 days and users can choose between celsius or Fahrenheit. Facebook has to access user’s location to provide the information.

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