YouTube Introduces New Look: Material Design, Dark Mode and More.

Youtube Darkmode

YouTube has been in News a lot recently But not for any good reason it can benefit off. It all started with WSJ’s article on PewDiePie‘s Fiverr Video, Advertisers pulling ads and more recently Youtube Blocking LGBT Videos. Youtube has gone through many changes recently but this time it’s for good.

YouTube has totally changed the way the website looks and introduced the new look to the world. As of now, this design change is only for the desktop. According to youtube, this new design “highlights your favorite videos and creators while making YouTube easier and more fun to use”. youtube is still working on the new design but you can try it out now HERE.

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Youtube Material Design

Along with the new design, Youtube has brought some awesome and much-needed features like Dark Mode. Now you don’t have to use a plugin to protect your eyes while watching videos at night. It is natively available in the settings option.

How to Activate Dark Mode in Youtube:

  1. Click on your profile picture at the top right corner.
  2. From the drop down menu select Dark Theme.
  3. Switch the toggle to on.

Youtube Darkmode 2

Apart from that, there are many minor changes to the way you interact with the website. Now you can switch the account from the drop down menu and also instead of going all the way down to change the content location or the preferred language you can do it right from the drop down menu.

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This new design is built on a faster framework so that google can add more cool feature like the Dark theme in future. While using the new look we didn’t find the video playback as smooth as it was in the regular design.


But despite some hiccups, the overall experience was good and it was easier to navigate to required settings. the Dark theme is the most welcome addition as we used as the default theme.You can always revert back if you don’t like the new Design.